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The SeeD in Final Fantasy viii functions as a highly regarded military academy type institution and many students enter voluntarily. While Welcome to Night Vale 's Tamika Flynn is also justifiably listed under the 'ridiculously talented' heading, she and her fellow soldiers also come under 'tragic' in episode 46, "Parade Day where they rebel against Strexcorp but get exactly no help from the adults, leading. Apparently, Edmund's tried multiple times and is becoming increasingly frustrated. They built us from the ground up, into killing machines. They are an army of child soldiers. He was known as the 'Frank Hunter which became 'Frank Jaeger' because he could speak a little German. Bucky was part of a strange tradition among Golden Age war comics to feature child soldiers as the heroes. In Unlimited Fafnir, Yuu and the girls at the Midgar school are still teenagers, and are forced to take down the dragons plaguing humanity due to having much more power than even the military. No mention is made that Villa was conscripting those children into his army and sending them to attack Federal machine guns.


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More tragic, the story was based on an actual event, upon the personal report of a surviving veteran who in his own youth experienced a similar situation in World War. Cloud's mother in Sandra and Woo, Ye Thuza Williams, was a child soldier in Burma. This was standard procedure for Saiyans, so they're basically an entire race of Child Soldiers. The title character in Terinu was raised by Space Pirate Mavra Chan to be an assassin, starting at the tender age of nine. A young Vlad Tepes in Count and Countess is held hostage by the Ottoman Empire and forced into the Janissaries. Unfortunately, due to the US government policy he was not able to get veteran benfefits. They then are brainwashed into working for an Italian government organization to fight terrorismgenerally by using very big guns. Downplayed in Date A Live. Justified because they live in a Teenage Wasteland. By way of comparison, in TNG, there was a "cadet crew" made up of some of the teens and older pre-teens, but their activities were realistically limited. Played straight and subverted by Zettai Karen Children, where the psychic children are used more or less as soldiers, but the organization doing so still treats them like children and tries very hard to provide for a healthy upbringing for them. The main character from Warchild is a child soldier, borderline spy and assassin, even. Her fellow Howling Commando underestimated one of them. And we have Raiden who became a child soldier in the Liberian Civil War thanks to Solidus, recieving the nicknames of "White Devil" and "Jack the Ripper". She starts up a "Kids' Crew" organization that is a shadow government for starships, in which children, none of whom seem to be over 12, can take over the running of a ship if its senior crew are incapacitated. However, Hawkeye also arranges for him to have Frank Burns' inappropriately bestowed Purple Heart to soften the blow.

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