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Furnace feedstock such as quartz is also sourced from the region. Introduction, the Steelmin plant and facility is located in central Bosnia, 104 kilometres north west of Sarajevo. Power remains the most significant input cost to ferrosilicon production and this is provided by abundant and economical hydro-power available across the region. . These figures assume production of 85 tonnes per day over 339 days a year and a Ferrosilicon selling price of 1,200/t. Currently ferrosilicon trades between a ton and the estimated price of microsilica is 200 a ton. Refrigeration, electric, throughout our continuous 25 years experience in commercial and residential air conditioning, we have placed our highest value on the increasing number of our repeat customers. Steelmin currently has a team of 45 people on-site led by engineers who were involved with the original plant from commissioning. Furnace V is expected to produce 29,000t of ferrosilicon per annum as well as 5,800t of microsilica. The filtration plant refurbishment has been completed and ensures that all outputs of gases will comply with EU regulations. Universal Refrigeration places customer satisfaction as a primary goal.

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Furnace IV, the smaller of the two, has a 30 MVA Tagliaferri furnace with three chimneys, preventing the emission of gases in ambient air to comply with EU regulatory requirements. . More information available. After the work is finished, your guarantees and warranties will be listed on your receipt. The second, smaller, facility split off from the original is now being operated by the Italian ferro-alloy producer Metalleghe, and has been successfully producing next to Steelmins plant for the past 12 years. We will give you a written estimate for all air conditioning repair service, including maintenance and installation costs. Universal Refrigeration is price competitive and we will match any advertized or written estimate that is lower than the" we provided to you.

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Anti-dumping regulations have since been implemented by the European Commission; which significantly reduced both Chinese and Russian exports into Europe, allowing prices to stabilize and rise over time. With proximity and abundant access to raw materials including quartz deposits, Steelmin has secured contracts for most of the materials required for production, as well as letters of intent and statements of interest from some of the largest steel producers in Europe. Given its larger total capacity Steelmin has decided to bring furnace V on initially and then move to recommission furnace IV later in 2018.

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